Bringing functionality to life

Our specialty is the ability to “breath beauty into function”.
A brand with harmony of function and design, combined with classic and contemporary styles. Our artistry does not adhere to the latest craze or a certain era.
ARTPHERE’s two product lines “FRAME WORKS” and “STYLE WORKS” express our motto, “Turning functionality into style”, and sense.
Reliable, we continue to make bags that can be used for generations.

This distinctive style is characterized by a modernistic touch combined with the structure (frame) of the classic bag.
A presence and elegance of design is born from a craftsmanship that has been refined through ample experience and modern technology, creating a one of a kind design that can be mistaken for a work of art that captivates the soul.

ARTPHERE’s specially selected materials and design are matched with lifestyles and real life experiences.
Each work is created with a desire to convey your most important moment. Denoting a mature and sophisticated person of style who knows the value and essence of something of fine quality.