New Dulles All Leather F0 World Model

About New Dulles Bag F0 All Leather World Model
An entirely new Dulles bag was born from new leather 3D graphic design fused with the traditional techniques of Toyooka. The surprisingly spacious compartment and beautifully designed streamlined body mesmerized the world, wining it the 2009 German ‘iF Product Design Award’.
The distinctive feature of the “Dulles Bag” bag, is its wide reinforced opening frame style, one of ARTPHERE’s field of specialties. Developing that specialty further, we used 3D graphics to design a bag that surpassed all stereotypes, and what was born was the “New Dulles”.
Even though the “New Dulles” bag had been awarded the “iF Product Design Award” in 2009, it was not designed for mass production. To answer the question of what could be done to prepare the bag for mass production without altering the design and keeping the perfect curves created by the beautiful style, and improving the bag’s usability, trial and error was used of various patterns to create the current “New Dulles TOUCH” serious.
The product of excellence that has been perfectly cut, carefully sewn and have cleared the vigorous and strict inspection standards are considered reliable and can be cherished for a long time.

Made from shrink leather created in a leading leather processing company in Italy.
We are particular about raw hide and select only the highest quality European raw hide and tan it with chromium while still the full piece. Also resistant to discoloring, this is a leather with outstanding physical properties.
We finish by adding a water repellent to produce a leather that also withstands water.


Color variations

Black Gray Navy White Red