Cavallo Shoulderbag All Leather

A Shoulderbag that can open with just one touch, has superior visibility, and is easy to put things in and retrieve items from.
The design is simple and you will not get tired of it. It is recommended not only for casual situations, but also for business settings.

Made from shrink leather created in a leading leather processing company in Italy.
We are particular about raw hide and select only the highest quality European raw hide and tan it with chromium while still the full piece. Also resistant to discoloring, this is a leather with outstanding physical properties.
We finish by adding a water repellent to produce a leather that also withstands water.


Color variations

Black Navy Red Gray White

"Oh, it's open so it's easy to take things out."

If you put it on the floor or beside your desk while leaving it wide open, you will be able to see the contents with one glance.
When the contents are organized neatly, it will help with your productivity.

"It's double hooked, and yet it opens wide so easily."
You can't get this from fasteners.

The opening is has a structured frame which makes it easy to open with one hand.